Our ancestor received the land now known as Barkley's Apple Orchard as a United Emipre Loyalist land grant in 1790, making us the 7th generation of our family on the property. We started planting the apple orchard in 1982. We also planted asparagus, and then strawberries in the mid 90s. We have been growing and preserving vegetables on the farm since 1990.

In our orchard, we employ a mix of organic pest management tactics – dormant oil to smother mites and clay-based products to detract soft-bodied insects. We keep the ground vegetation around the trees mowed instead of relying on herbicides.

Over the years Barkley's Apple Orchard has developed new uses for their fruit and vegetable crops, testing recipes until the results are consistently delicious.

Bill and Delia have three sons: Solomon Liam, and Denzil, who grew up working in the orchard, the berry fields, the garden, and selling at markets. They still help out when available. Other friends and family members also sell at markets in season.

You can find our products in season at the Ottawa Farmers Market (Landsdowne and Westboro locations), Ottawa Main Street Market, Kemptville Farmers Market, Metcalfe Farmers Market, McHaffie Flea Market, Morrisburg Plaza, and at local fairs and seasonal events.



We sell, in bulk, the same merchandise that we offer customers in our own store. By purchasing products by the case, you can offer valuable products to your visitors at a reasonable price. We ship our farm market merchandise to customers across Canada and the US.

     Farm Market Merchandise

  • Apple Peeler Slicer Corer (Suction and Clamp)

  • Apple Slicer-Corer

  • Apple Cookbook

  • Candy Apple Kits

  • Strawberry carrying bag

  • Fruit Corer

  • Saucemaker

  • Strawberry Huller

  • Grain Mill

In addition to our fresh apples and strawberries, we also produce many types of preserve from our harvest. 

      Made from our own produce!

  • Crushed Strawberry purée

  • Honey

  • Strawberry jam

  • Apple jelly

  • Apple butter

  • Unsweetened Apple syrup

  • Sweet Apple cider

  • Apple cider vinegar

  • Apples (Cortland, MacIntosh, Lobo, Spartan, Moira, Ida Red, Mac Free, no-spray Liberty)

  • Applesauce

  • Apple-tomato chutney

  • Crabapple preserves

  • Dilly beans

  • Pickled Asparagus

  • Heirloom fruit tree varieties

  • other jams and jellies in season

In Ottawa, The Herb and Spice on Wellington carries some of our products as does the store at Castor River Farm.

Our products are also available at the farm in Morrisburg.

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